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WebCom-OS & WebCom-G

WebCom-Operating System(OS)

WebCom-OS is a extended multi-layered modular design of WebCom architecture. It is comprises of default modules that run with basic fault tolerance, scheduling, security and load balancing rules. Many additional modules are being build to increase the functionality of WebCom. The aim of this system is to behave as an operating system with distributed resources remote location. The main goal of the operating system is to control and co-ordinated the proper use of the system resources. In this case of Grid
  • Resources are distributed.
  • Network is the bus structure
  • Security modules act as antivirus/firewalls
  • IDE as the explorer of interogated resources
  • Economic analyser to charge the resource users and pay the resource providers
  • Grid Administrator acting as Administrator
  • Programming environments, Workflow integration to build applications on the fly
The above are contrasted with regard to operating system.

WebCom-G Development

Webcom-G design/architecture/plan, implementation and software development is been carried out at our Centre for Unified Computing.Under the supervision of Dr. John Morrison.

WebCom-G Testing

Webcom-G testing i.e. building up of applications for WebCom-G is carried out at National University of Ireland Galway. Applications involve National Sea Bed Survey of Ireland, Nova exploration and many more. Under the supervision of Dr. Andrew Shearer

Gridifying WebCom-G

Enabling WebCom-G for Grid Environment,i.e. making it grid enabled is done by Trinity College Dublin. Under the supervision of Dr. Brian Coglan.

Hardware Used in CUC

Boole Cluster: In home at CUC, we have a 50 Node dual processor cluster. Its a rack optimized Dell 1655MC cluster (PIII@1.26GHz processors). we call it a 100 node cluster, because it has 100 processors.Its loaded with Red Hat 7.3 OS,many flavors of MPI, Sun Java, PVM and GCC compilers. This cluster will be soon part of Grid-Ireland. Its been used by our group and members of Boole Centre for Research in Informatics. WebCom-G OS core middleware of the Grid is running on the Boole Cluster.

We also have a Beowulf Cluster built out of 40 Dell Poweredge servers. There specifications are P4 2.80Ghz , 1GB RAM, 40GB HDD, onboard Graphics. To maintain heterogeneity these machines are installed with Debian, Free BSD, Fedora Core 2 and variety of Grid middleware suite like WebCom-G, Globus(2.4,4.0), Sun N1. The notion being to test WebCom-G on a heterogeneous platforms .Around 10 machines are dedicated for web servers, application servers, SVN repository, firewall, Backup, Testing. We have a dedicated Network Attached Storage (NAS) from Dell Power Vault 745N approximating providing 1 Tera byte of space to cluster. All these resources are housed in a dedicated cluster room, fueled with dedicated air conditioners, equipments to dismantle the cluster/pc's ,wiring equipments.

Popularity of Grid in Ireland gave rise to coupling of many universities across the island with their in house resource shared for the Grid community. Dell has agreed to donate(not free but nominal price) its Gateway machines to UCC, TCD, NUIG, DIAS and the internet backbone is supported by HEAnet. Currently research is being immersed with GRID-IRELAND, EGEE and CERN.

WebCom-G History

WebCom-OS To create a networked operating system.

WebCom-G "Hide the Grid".

Condensed Graph(CG)
Anyware (work around CG)
WebCom (metacomputing)
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WebCom-OS(operating system) WebCom-G (Grid, hide the grid)

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