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For students who are new to Grid Computing. These questions give a kick start hint to know list of things about Grid Computing. Mail me if you have any questions regarding Grid Computing. Mail me if you have more questions to add to this list.

Questions you need to know in General:

1) What is Grid ? (Capital G)
2) What is grid ? (Lowercase g)
3) What is Grid Computing ? What is Cluster computing ? What is Distributed Computing ?
4) History of Grid , Cluster , grid , Distributed Computing
5) Why is ir given the name 'Grid'?
6) Which are the companies suporting, working, and doing researching on the Grid ?
7) Which are the Academic Institutions interested and doing research on Grid ?
8) What are the terminologies that different companies use for the same term "Grid" ?
9) What are the different types of computing on the Grid ? (HPC , HTC )
10)What is the use of Grid in general ?
11) Why do we need Grid ? What are the applications of the Grid that one can explain to a naive person ?

Questions you need to know if you want to go one step deeper:

1) What is a Virtual Organizaton ?
2) VO of a cluster , VO of Grid
3) What are the middlewares (Glues) used to build a Grid ?
4) Who are the commercial players in building a Grid ?
5) Who are the open source players in building a Grid ?
6) Which is the most used grid middleware ?
7) What are Grid Test beds ? Who started it ? Who made it ?
8) Which are the existing Grid Test Beds in the world ?

Questions need to know about the important persons in the area of Grid Computing :

1) Father of Grid Computing in Europe , USA , Asia or with repect to each country.
(as most of the people are not fully aware of it)
2) Important people and their work in the area of Grid Computing.
3) Conferences they organize ( You can see the list of International Programming Committee and Organizing Committee - personnel chairing the conference)
5) Is there any standard accepted in Grid Computing across the world ?
6) Getting to know the person and his area of research within Grid Computing ?

Gotchas :

1) Which are the companies interested in Grid ? (with respect to research,funding, charity)
2) List of hardware companies
3) List of Software companies (commercial , open source , charity)
4) List of Reseach institutions
5) List of important persons ( I'm asking this again).
6) List of Grid Application projects ( open source, commercial, charity)

How to start:

1) Browse the net with Grid Computing as the search word. You will be confused with so many people with different terminologies but the same underlying work being done.
2) Read conference and journal papers regarding Grid Computing.
3) Better to ask respected personnel what is the defination of Grid ? As everyone has their own view regarding Grid Computing.

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