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It is network based computing using distributed resources. Metacomputer is a system formed by a collection of heterogenous resources (both in hardware and software) which are ubiquitously present on the network. Metacomputer gives the impression of a single powerful computer.
* Resources are heterogeneous(softwar/hardware/networking) and geographically distributed.
* Idle processor harvesting systems.
* Screensavers, Applets, light clients.
* Can be called Distributed Supercomputing.

Metacomputing Projects

  • WebCom/Anyware Project
  • Bayanihan
  • CrossGrid
  • Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing (BOINC)
  • Office Grids
  • Mosix Grid Environment
  • @HOME projects
  • DIET
  • Harness Parallel Virtual Machine Project
  • Management System for Heterogeneous Networks
  • PUNCH - Network Computing Hub
  • MetaNEOS
  • Amica
  • MultiCluster
  • Poland Metacomputing
  • Echelon: Agent Based Grid Computing
  • Compute Power Market
  • Global Operating Systems
  • XtremWeb
  • JAVELIN: Java-Based Global Computing
  • MILAN: Metacomputing In Large Asynchronous Networks
  • G2 - A Cycle Stealing Framework for .NET
  • NeuroGrid
  • GridLab
  • Logistical Computing and Internetworking (LoCI)

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