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Grid Programming Environments

  • WebCom-IDE
  • Open MPI / Open RTE
  • P-GRADE Portal
  • Ninf
  • Cactus Code
  • MetaMPI - Flexible Coupling of Heterogenous MPI Systems
  • GAF3J - Grid Application Framework for Java
  • ProActive
  • REDISE - Remote and Distributed Software Engineering
  • Albatross: Wide Area Cluster Computing
  • GriddLeS
  • Grid Superscaler
  • GridLab GAT API
  • Distributed Parallel Programming Environment for Java
  • CoG Kits
  • Virtual Distributed Computing Environment
  • GrADS: Grid Application Development Software Project
  • Jave-based CoG Kit

Please note: More to Come. Please visit again. Thank you for stopping by ! Please mail me if you have any questions or suggestions. Let me know if you have any additions to above info.

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