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Grid Middlewares

Middleware is a system that sits in between the User and the resources (hardware,software,applications). Middleware is similar Orchestrator, Marriage broker, Real Estate Broker. Middlware has all the information regarding the dynamic/static characteristic/status of the resources. It allocates the job with appropriate resources (maps the job to the resources) and schedules to execute them. Middleware has to deal with Information management, Data Management, Security and other services.

  • WebCom/WebCom-G(Grid)
  • Vishwa
  • Condor/Condor-G(Globus)
  • NetSolve/GridSolve
  • Sun Grid Engine/N1
  • DIET
  • LCG-2
  • Nimrod/Nimrod-G
  • GridBUS
  • Alchemi
  • NorduGrid
  • LCG-2, CERN

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