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The aim of this tutorial is to answer many questions roaming across many websites and give a basic introduction to Grid.
  1. Grid Computing

  2. Basic Grid Tutorial

  3. Globus 2.4 Installation Tutorial

  4. Basic Globus Webservice Tutorial

  5. Grid Computing Questions

  6. Globus Toolkit 4.0.x Installation Guide

  7. What is Virtual Organisation/Heterogeneous Transparency?(Click to see the picture)

How to write Conference Papers/ Journal Papers ?

  1. What is the present situation in the area of that research field?
  2. Main contribution to the field/area of work. How does it differ from others research?
  3. What were the problems? How any of the problems were solved?
  4. What are different solutions exposed? Why do you think one of those solutions is the best? Give reasons!
  5. What were the imaginations/assumptions/hypothesis made?
  6. Experimental solutions, Simulations or Proof of Concept, Results
  7. Conclusions and Explanation for future extensibility of the research
  8. References to the respective papers

Grid Simulators

  • Bricks
  • SimGrid
  • GridSim
  • GangSim
  • OptorSim

Grid Emulators

  • MicroGrid
  • Grid eXplorer


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Distributed Supercomputing

The notion behind this is to reduce completion time of a job by running an application in parallel on multiple machiines. e.g., Weather Modeling, Nuclear Simulation

High Throughput Computing

The notion behind is to increase the completion rate of a stream of jobs by executing as many tasks in a given time limit. e.g., Parameter Sweep applications, Monte Carlo Simulations

On Demand Computing

The notion behind this is to dynamically integrated available services from the resources to provide new set of services. e.g., Data Visualization, Digital Biology

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