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Cluster Computing

What is a Cluster?

A group of homogeneous computers(nodes) integrated to act as a single computer is called a Cluster. Cluster is a tightly coupled system of computers (commodity or proprietary). Cluster has the following characteristics.
  • Cluster computing is called High Performance Computing: Primarily concerned with computational resources. (HPC)
  • Mostly uses open source software
  • Single System Image (SSI)
  • Centralized scheduling, administering and job management
  • Highly available (if its setup for high availability) and fault tolerant
  • limited number of nodes (resources)
  • All the nodes in the cluster are homogeneous
  • Physical location of a cluster is static

Cluster setup

You can setup a cluster in two ways:
    • Gateway machine/ Head Node (2 Network cards) connected to the internet with a Public IP and internally connected to the nodes via Private IP.
    • Nodes are accessible only via the head node and they are not visible to the outside world.
    • Firewall between the Internet and the Gateway Machine
    • Jobs are submitted to the headnode, Job Managements system on the head node distributed the job to the underlying cluster nodes.
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    • There is no Head Node or a Gateway machine
    • All the nodes are directly connected to the Internet (public IP)
    • Firewall between the Internet and nodes
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