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What is Cloud?

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    I am writing these questions because many students, researchers and tech hobbyists have asked me these questions
  • I want to do research on cloud where to start ?
  • I want to do my final year project on cloud where to start?
  • what should i read, i am new to cloud ?
  • Confused between cluster, grid and cloud computing ?

Get answers to these questions, later you will teach me

  1. What is cluster?
  2. What is Grid?
  3. What is virtualization, server consolidation?
  4. What is a datacenter ? Where are these located ? How they are built?
  5. What is a resource management system?
  6. What is job managment system?
  7. What is middleware in Grid ? Check this later-Is this the same for cloud with a different name?
  8. What is Wine, VMware, Xen, Parallels, Citrix virtualization?
  9. What is Hypervisor ?
  10. What are the types of Virtualization?
  11. How is the word "virtualization" used for everything from cluster to cloud to "dont know"?
  12. Read a bit of history about the Scheduling Systems, keep in mind whether you are checking whether they are cloud aware now
  13. Install VMware or Xen or Parallels or Wine, play with virtual machines on your hardware
  14. What is web service ?

At this stage you might have figured out the cloud basics

  1. What is Cloud?
  2. Why is it called Cloud and not anything else?
  3. History of environments from cluster to cloud?
  4. Find the companies which are working on cloud?
  5. Find the groups discussing about cloud
  6. what is subscription service/model?
  7. Become a member of IEEE, download the papers related to Cloud
  8. Get the difference between cluster, grid and cloud
  9. You can get the answers on the search engine. To get hands on answers Contact, mail or asked questions to the researchers, professors, companies working on Clouds
  10. What are the types of Cloud?
  11. What is IaaS, PaaS, SaaS/ AaaS ?
  12. Which are the IaaS, Paas , SaaS companies ?
  13. Are there any open source and commercial toolkits available to build cloud?
  14. Why is everyone on the Cloud bandwagon ?
    Ask this question to yourself and ask others?
    Find an answer?
  15. Think about book subscription, rental cars, magazine/newpaper subscription, movie rentals, just think about anything you can rent. Make sure the rentals/subscriptions come with warranty and service support
  16. Now you put the above rentals , subscrption ideas on the internet. Think like this I need access to 100 machines (Virtual Machines) now for 1 hour. If you want physical machines, it will take time. But used Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) once can have it ready in less than 30 minutes. Please note these machines are not yours, you are renting them.
  17. Read about Amazon EC2, GoGrid, App Store, Microsoft Market Place, Microsoft Azure,rackspacecloud, mosso, Salesforce, Google apps, Rightscale and other mentioned at this link (Nice visual divisions of the cloud: Credits to BEA Systems and Authors: Peter Laird, Kent Dickson) click here
  18. How are these companies managing cloud? what hardware/software/networking is used to build their infrastructure?
  19. What are the business models adopted by the companies in the Cloud
  20. For what services and in what way these cloud companies charging the end users
  21. What is the underlying architecture used for hosting Software as a service, Application as a service

    Get to know these for sure

  1. Virtualization ( it hides the complexity of underlying software/hardware/management/security)
  2. Virtual Machines
  3. Kernel based Virtual Machine(KVM)
  4. Bare metal machines
  5. Virtual machine provisioning
  6. Bare metal machine provisioning
  7. Hypervisors (OS / Hardware)
  8. Middlewares
  9. Single Sign-on
  10. Virtual Machine Management
  11. Virtual Machine Monitor
  12. Virtual Machine Migration
  13. Virtual Machine Scalability
  14. Cloud offering Virtual Machine service
  15. Cloud offering Bare metal machine service
  16. Multi-tenancy, Shared hosting, Private hosting
  17. Return on Investment (ROI)
  18. Operational Cost
  19. Service Level Agreement (SLA: often you come across this)
  20. Geographical location of the Cloud hosting for storage, computation, transactions and many other criteria.
  21. As a Service concept
  22. Accounting, Book keeping mechanisms
  23. Payment models/mechanisms
  24. Types/Flavors of Cloud
  25. Cloud Vendors in IaaS/HaaS, PaaS ,SaaS and EaaS
  26. Business model of the vendors (how they charge for bandwidth, vms, storage, time, cpu time, memory, hardware, service)
  27. Cost Calculator for usage
  28. How to build a private cloud?
  29. How to use a public cloud ?
  30. How to customize for hybrid cloud option?
  31. What are the limitations of Cloud?
  32. What we imagined about Cloud ?
  33. What can we do with the Cloud?
  34. What are basic requirements to connect to the Cloud?

Research interests or Project interests

  1. Interface to the Cloud services
  2. Management tools for the Cloud services
  3. Security tools for the Cloud services
  4. Backup tools, Monitoring tools, Networking tools
  5. Billing, accounting, banking methods for using the Cloud services
  6. Hosting your own cloud for some service
  7. Building applications using Cloud services
  8. Write a brokering services which scans all the services of the cloud and gives the best or cheapest price
  9. Make your software Cloud aware
  10. Projects to internconnect social networks with banking services, mobile services, utility services with security
  11. Benchmark different IaaS offerings
  12. Market Analysis tool for the web using Cloud services
  13. Advertisement tools for the Cloud services
  14. Advertisement as a Service
  15. Building toolkits and SDK for using the different cloud services

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