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My FULL Name is Adarsh Patil. I'm from Davangere , Karnataka , India. I completed my Bachelor of Engineering in computer Science and Engineering from University B D T college of Engineering ( Kuvempu University). I did my schooling and pre-university at Sri Tarabalu Jagadhguru High School and Pre-University College, Davangere, Karnataka, India. All the schools & colleges are one after the other in the same row. I did my Kindergarten in St. J. Convent School, I don't remember much of it.

@ Davangere

Its the coolest place for most of the nerds in our state. Language spoken is Kannada. It has 3 Engineering college, 2 Medical Colleges, 2 Dental Colleges and lots of others. Most of it is filled with students. Davangere is famous for its delicious Butter Dosa and spicy Masala Mandakki.If you ever visit this place don't miss to taste them. My best friends are from my home town Davangere and most of them studied with me from start to the end of my Engineering. Best friends' name are not to be revealed but there is no way to leave them as well. It blast out as follows Harsha Yalagach(virus), Manju(GK-guy who hasn't spoken a wrong word in his life), Manju(khan-Ashoka might explain him best), Susheel (doctor), Govi(Calm boy), Pankaj(never gave kaaju katli till now), Annappa (rolli jasti), Arvind Naik(shy), Arvind(business), Bheemesh (dialogue king), Suri(baby), Kishore(still water), Veeri(macho), Kabbur(never stops laughing), Joshi(oota atha) , Madhu(still disturbing US), Gowtham(gadget), Ravi(still interviewing companies), Mohan(married) rest please mail me will add them later. And finally Gowri (my personal supercomputer) for life time with life time warranty.

@ Cork

Cork city is a beautiful place. Its a small city with one major road for the whole city.Its the second biggest city in Ireland, next to Dublin ( Capital of Ireland). People are very friendly and their english accent is good and its typical. I cannot guarantee you all that if you know good english you can follow Corkish English, Corkish are the fastest english speaking crowd in the world ( my personal opinion ). River Lee flows through the entire city, Cork has an harbor, it has few beaches around, but you need to boil the sea water before you get in. City is much crowded at night then during the day, its all because of Guinness and Murphy's.

Sentences to learn before coming to Cork are .......... " I Don't Know !" What's the Story boy ? Any craic?....... Not too bad ........ Any news are things Howzt it hanging ? You Plunker ! Langer bye!...Do you know what i mean like ? one of my colleague and friend told me about few words which are generic are Cork language, they are "Sucking Diesel" which means everything is working fine and "you drink like a fish" a saying and the story never ends...."Its GAS like !" Grand ! Thanks a Mil(lion).

Cork is a beautiful place to study and live in Ireland. You will find greenary everywhere. Lee river spilts across the cork city finally meeting the Atlantic Sea. Only one street is there for major shopping, its the Patricks Street. Staple food food is potato and alcohol
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